also today at work i drove almost 200 miles to another plant and got to eat cheetos fresh out of the fryer

the bag was still warm


i could cry

so i totally just realized i’m going to be in orlando at the same time as leakycon this year

it’s a shame that my 21 year old self doesn’t care as much as 15 year old me would have :/


Me writing my essay right now


Me writing my essay right now

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the musical episode of even stevens is on tv right now and i literallly can’t even




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my 21st birthday is pretty much tomorrow so i’m pretty much dying


i know this is really cliche but 2014 is going to be my year

bye everyone

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also i thought i embarass-proofed my facebook last year but i guess i missed like everything

ughhhh x__x

why was i so embarassing???……..

literally just spent the past hour hiding every facebook post from before 2011